TU-VAL d.o.o., Ljubljanska 84, 1230 Domžale, DOSTAVA: Breznikova 26, 1230 Domžale Tel: +386 1 721 21 23 , Telefaks: +386 1 721 27 46



TU-VAL d.o.o. is developing an extensive sales network in the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia. Our sales team is present daily at our customers - end users and also through retail shops. We are also interested in developing the aftersales activities, if you can offer us the right support. If you can provide competitive products and / or services from following areas we can help you to enter our markets:

  • Fastening technologies - Blind rivets, blind nuts, selfclinching products, inserts for plastic, DIN screws, bolts, nuts. and tooling for inserting the fasteners
  • Welding equipment - flame welding, electrowelding, spare parts, protection equipment, exhaust and cleaning equipment.
  • Automation - industrial pneumatics, process valves and control, positioning systems.