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Suppliers for distribution network

Fastening technologies, Welding Equipment, Industrial PneumaticsOur company can offer efficient distribution of your industrial products through our organized sales network. Our sales team is present daily on Slovenian market solving customer problems and marketing product from following areas:

  • Fastening technologies - we are constantly looking for reliable suppliers of new solutions in the field of DIN screws, nuts, bolts., blind rivets, blind nuts, selfclinching products, plastic inserts. We also can provide distribution of tools with the complete after-sale service. In short we try to offer complete range in fastening solutions and need competitive suppliers to do that.
  • Welding equipment - distributing welding products of the leading companies in the world (Kayser for flame welding and Air Liquide with the brandnames Cemont and Weldline in the electowelding and accessories field) we cover most of the welding equipment. Nevertheless we are open to cooperate with companies with special application (micro welding, laser cutting automation, innovative portable welding equipment.)
  • Industrial pneumatics - Tu-val d.o.o. introduced industrial pneumatics in 1996 and offers the whole range of products. As our partners want different solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us, send us your catalogues. We will study them and see what we can push through our distribution channels.