General sales conditions


1. General sales conditions apply to all clients entering a trading relationship with TU-VAL d.o.o., except where otherwise provided for in the contract.

These general conditions shall remain valid until withdrawal.
With the publication on the website, it is considered that these conditions were made public and are automatically considered recognised by the client in eventual legal and other disputes. 2. Orders have to be submitted in writing (mail, fax, e-mail, SMS message).
Confirmation of the order is not required if the order is processed on the day of its receipt. If the goods are not in stock, the customer's order shall be confirmed in three days after the receipt at the latest.

The seller shall inform the customer about any changes as soon as they are known.

3. If the seller receives an order via telephone or verbally, such order must be confirmed on a prescribed form and delivered to the client. In accordance with the Code of Obligations, orders confirmed in such manner have the character of contracts.

3a. Confirmed orders cannot be cancelled; this applies especially to goods for a concrete customer.
The customer must negotiate all other cancellations directly with the commercial clerk. The cost of cancellation stands at 35% of the value of goods, or at least €30 per cancellation.
These costs are charged upon the cancellation of the order by issuing an invoice.

3b. The seller’s offer is considered binding. Within the period from when the offer is made until the receipt of the order, we reserve the right to sell our stock in the meantime. The delivery date shall then be re-negotiated.

4. unless otherwise agreed upon, all shipments are made at customer-delivered level, unless in case of oversize parcels (length over 2.40m), big volume parcels, relatively low value parcels, or heavy parcels.
Initial capital: €97,283.08, Application number: 11124700,
Standard classification: 46.190, ID for VAT: SI27440290, Reg. No.: 5468906,
IBAN NLB: SI56 0230 0001 9915 085, BKS: SI56 3500 1000 0004 180
In such cases, the conditions of delivery or collection shall be specifically agreed upon.
Customers shall cover all freight charges for parcels worth less than €60.00. In such cases, the seller has the right to charge additional manipulative costs in the amount of €15.00, in addition to freight costs.

4a. In principal, the seller shall dispatch the entire order. In case of urgent orders and on customer request, orders can also be dispatched partially.

5. The general payment period shall be 30 days, unless otherwise provided for in the contract.
Payment method:
a). Supplies on open accounts are available to clients with suitable credit ratings who are not in default of payment and are our constant partners.
b). Payment by pro-forma invoice – clients with credit ratings 5 or below; occasional clients; natural persons and clients that request such a payment method. Payments by pro-forma invoices are entitled to a 2% discount.
c). c). Cash on delivery payments – all supplies to natural persons and supplies worth less than €60 (net) for occasional clients.
d). d). Cash payment is available at company’s headquarters in accordance with legislation; credit cards are not accepted.

6. In case of late payments, the seller shall send a written warning to the customer and set the date for the client to settle his obligations. In accordance with TU-VAL’s Rules on the management of receivables, the seller shall bring an action for debt collection without another warning.

7. The customer shall make an arrangement with the seller regarding payment insurance and all other conditions regarding the sale.

7a. It is upon the seller to decide when to demand and accept the payment insurance collateral.

8. It is upon the seller to decide when to charge statutory interest incurred due to late payment.

9. The customer has to submit all potential complaints within eight days from the receipt of goods. If the complaint is not received within this period, it is considered that no complaints were submitted for the goods in terms of the volume, delivery date or quality, and that the customer is not entitled to any rights of recourse.
This deadline for complaints does not affect eventual hidden mistakes.
Replacement of wrongly ordered goods must be agreed upon directly with the commercial clerk.
Initial capital: €97,283.08, Application number: 11124700,
Standard classification: 46.190, ID for VAT: SI27440290, Reg. No.: 5468906,
IBAN NLB: SI56 0230 0001 9915 085, BKS: SI56 3500 1000 0004 180

10. General warranty period for tools from our sales program is 1 year. Warranty does not cover consumables and wearing parts (nozzles, jets, threaded shafts, etc.).

11. We supply spare parts in accordance with legal obligations. Service is available at the company’s headquarters.

12. The prices apply in accordance with the offer; if no offer was made, prices apply in accordance with the supplier’s internal price list valid at the date of order.

13. The seller reserves the right to ask an individual customer to submit a notarized confirmation of the seller’s right of retention of title for the supplied goods until such goods are completely paid for in accordance with Article 520 of the Code of Obligations.

14. Goods from the catalogue comply with DIN or ISO standards. If the customer would like to receive type-approvals for individual goods, such approvals have to be requested together with the offer or at the time of order at the latest, however, such requests require additional payment.

15. These general conditions apply to the customer as well as the seller. Using the lack of knowledge of these conditions as a pretext shall not be taken into account in disputes because these conditions were made public.

16. Waiver of the provisions of these conditions constitutes a breach of contract.

17. Emergency supplies on customer demands are performed upon order and require payment of additional costs. This also applies when the customer does not accept the contracting carrier of the seller.

18. When collecting physically damaged packaging, the customer has to enclose the complaint with a signed complaint record and a photo if possible so that the seller can issue a recourse claim against the carrier.

19. These general conditions are entirely replacing sales conditions from June 16, 1999 with amendments.

20. Sales conditions enter into force immediately after their publication on the website and are in use from January 1, 2012 onwards.