Privacy policy

Privacy policy

TU-VAL d.o.o. is a family company which respects privacy of all stakeholders in business processes. The internal legislation and instructions of the company clearly regulate:

  • the basis for the gathering of personal data,
  • which personal data the company collects and uses in accordance with legislation exclusively and only for business purposes,
  • storage of personal data,
  • rights of individuals regarding personal data,
  • rules on accessing the collected personal data.

On the basis of internal rules and legislation, the protection of privacy of individual stakeholders is of key importance in all business processes which in any way relate to any individual or individual’s data enabling his identification.

Acquisition of personal data

Personal data we are storing and processing were and are obtained:

1. For employees

Data is acquired directly from employees and in the extent imposed by legislation. It is acquired to exercise the rights arising from the employment relationship. Such data include:

  • name and surname,
  • address,
  • Tax ID No. and Social Security No.,
  • Bank account No.,
  • data about children, for the purpose of insurance and gift giving,
  • data about the relative to be informed in case of an accident
  • data about education and training,
  • data about supplementary pension insurance for employees,
  • data to be reported to national authorities in accordance with legislation,
  • personal telephone number.
2. For business partners
  • from publically available sources, such as: public media – press, RTV, social media, AJPES, IBON, PIRS, Court register, etc.,
  • when personally visiting our customers for commercial purposes,
  • through telephone communication on the basis of direct contact or from publically available sources,
  • through contractual relationships,
  • when visiting our customers, or when being visited by others.
We store and process the following data about our business partners – physical contact persons:
  • name and surname,
  • job (assigned duties),
  • telephone, fax, e-mail
We use such data exclusively for commercial and marketing purposes only. On the company’s website, we follow aggregated data about visits to our websites.

We process data about individuals (natural persons) on the basis of the legitimate interest of the company. When the interest and individual’s fundamental rights override legitimate business interests, this is fully taken into consideration. We also use personal data in the implementation of ISO 9001 processes when determining our customers’ satisfaction (various types of interviews).

We obtain individuals’ consent to process personal data, such as:
  • e-news about our products and other offer,
  • sending of offers.
Personal data processing on the basis of contractual relationships
We obtain, process and store personal data in order to fulfil contractual obligations and prepare offers. We use them to:
  • prepare and send offers,
  • prepare contracts,
  • resolve claims,
  • deliver or collect goods or services,
  • deliver commercial and technical documentation,
  • manage technical issues,
  • in other issues arising from commercial activities of TU-VAL.

In the above mentioned cases, we store and process personal data exclusively at the company’s headquarters only and do not disclose them to third parties. Our sub-processor of personal data is an accounting firm with access to the necessary personal data of employees for the reason of payroll accounting and in other matters in the field of labour law. Data never leaves the company’s headquarters because the accounting firm performs its services at the company’s headquarters. The accounting firm also has access to data about individual responsible persons for the reason of issuing warnings, judicial recovery of debt, and for other forms of closing financial issues. TU-VAL d.o.o. is fully responsible for personal data to which it grants access to the accounting firm.

We hereby declare that we use all personal data for the purposes of our own activity and that we are fully responsible for such data. Personal data is not disclosed to unauthorised or not responsible persons. We are forwarding certain information required by law to national authorities.

We store and protect personal data about employees in a written form and in a fireproof safe. We store other personal data in computer databases. We store data in accordance with legal obligations or as long as we have a commercial interest.

Upon your written request, TU-VAL grants you the right of:
  • access to your personal data that we process (we will inform you which of your data we process and for what purpose),
  • rectification: upon request, each individual has the right to immediately rectify any personal data relating to him or inaccurate or insufficient data,
  • deletion: if there is no other legal basis, you have the right to delete your personal data upon request,
  • objection: at any time, you have the right to object to certain types of personal data or its processing if processing is not taking place in accordance with the consent or legitimately,
  • restriction of your personal data processing for certain purposes (indicate the purposes you would like to restrict the use of your personal data),
  • transmitting your personal data – applies only to data directly provided by you. We shall deliver the data to you and you will have the right of free disposal of such data and to disclose them to anyone.

You can exercise your rights to protect and use your personal data directly or through a proxy in a written or electronic form. In the interest of protecting personal data, TU-VAL can request additional information and identification, and can also reject any requests if they are unjustified, excessive or contrary to legislation and the company’s data protection policy. In the event of disagreement with our actions in the field of personal data protection, you can contact the Information Commissioner. In accordance with the EU regulation on personal data protection, the documentation was harmonized and updated in March and April 2018.

In relation to the protection of your personal data, feel free to contact us:
T: 01 721 21 23
F: 01 721 27 46
Address: TU-VAL d.o.o., Breznikova ulica 26, 1230 Domžale